Introducing ASPEK company

Introducing ASPEK Company:

(ASPEKfounded in 2001 in Islamic Republic of Iran/ Tehran.

Main concepts of ASPEK Co. are to supply the industrial equipments and measuring sensors and data processing systems.

Here are some of these equipments which supply by ASPEK Co.:

Load cells ,Torque sensors ,Force sensors ,LVDTs, Torque wrenches ,Digital indicators ,Pressure sensors ,Amplifiers ,Level meters,CO2 Sensors, Ammonia Sensors, Industrial computers such as Panel PC’s and Embedded Box Pc’s, Industrial monitors and etc


ASPEK Co. is representative of famous and leader European and Asian manufacturer and intends to supply the requirement s of industries, universities and researchers.

High quality, saving cost and warranty are any customer’s concerns. However the industrial measurement results in some cases are used to design and manufacture the new products, therefore in addition to pre-mentioned priorities, end-users prefers the precise, accurate and standard approved measuring equipments.

Due to above, ASPEK Co. considered 40 famous suppliers products technically to present wide selection of the high quality products to the customers.

Meanwhile we are pleased to learn about new product and new suppliers. In such issues please contact us.

برخی محصولات قابل ارایه توسط این شرکت  لودسل , سنسور گشتاور, نیروسنج, کامپیوترصنعتی,دینامومتر و ..می باشد

لودسل وزن را اندازه میگیرد،زمیک یا zemic برند مورد توجه مصرف کنندگان در ایران است،لودسل می تواند شکلها و مدلهای مختلفی داشته باشد.